Why BD Partner?
BD Partner is a brainchild of the minds behind various of the legal field’s most regarded contributions. BD Partner is established as the go-to for complete business development, marketing, operations, and legal assistance solutions for law firms. Our agency consists of a combined twenty-year-experience in law, business, technology, and finance.
At BD Partner, we help law firms that seek a sustainable competitive advantage and major expansion; through our top-tier business development, marketing, and legal expertise, dealing with the constantly changing legal landscape and market demand.
Through a mixture of up-to-date strategies, modern technologies, and expertise of our associates, BD Partner helps law firms realize their business visions and multiply their streams of revenue. By outsourcing their business development and marketing operations, firms are able to take on new clients and projects without the hassle of recruiting full marketing departments or implementing expensive new systems.

Our lines of business include:

Business Development:
Providing assistance in creating, developing, and implementing business development strategies that help law firms expand into different areas of expertise, introduce multiple streams of revenue, generate more business from existing clients, establish new business connections, and maintain knowledge management. BD Partner associates aid and maintain clients’ relations through a commercially-aware perspective by using client satisfaction indicators.

Marketing Solutions:
BD Partner delivers marketing strategies to ensure the excellence of performance with a full team of designers, associates, and content creators. Creative solutions are also provided for branding services to ensure the connection between the firm and its clients. Additionally, assistance with CSR planning and implementation, events management and other marketing activities is arranged by our agency.

Legal Assistance:
With a network of freelance attorneys and referrals, BD Partner guides firms in achieving organizational goals of maintaining top-notch legal services.

Recruitment Services:
BD Partner aids in the recruitment and filtration processes to select the best candidates for our clients.



Managing the practice’s own social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in addition to marketing guidelines through the platform, by creating, publishing, and analyzing content posted on the practice’s social media platforms. BD Partner will be managing all the social media marketing and advertising leading to growing social media revenue.


Polishing and managing the firm’s submissions to legal profiles, and handling contacts with hosting institutions such as IFLR 1000, Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, GAR review, and WWL. Managing profiles will expand the reputation of our clients to the widest possible audience leading discoverability of your material.

3. Client Hit List

Creating a list of potential clients by industry, and their potential collaboration with the entity. This process includes knowing the ideal client you are aiming to reach and focussing on the different challenges they are facing to target them in the correct strategies offered by your law firm. This will help build relationships with those prospects leading to the increase in business operations.

4. Client Relations Management

Maintaining client relations on behalf of the Firm to maintain its credibility. This is achieved through preserving direct interactions with customers and analysing the different trends and behaviors leading to the enhancement of the customer's overall experience.

5. Client Feedback Program

Conducting periodical surveys on the law firm’s clients to determine the level of quality. This will lead to assessing the points of strengths and developing any weaknesses. This ensures the satisfaction of the clients with the services offered by the law firms.

6. Media monitoring and Identified Opportunities

Expert determination guidelines and reports on possible opportunities to gain new clients and projects. This includes researching competitors, the legal industry, potential business, and any other matters related to the operations of the law firm.

7. Event’s Management

Overseeing all logistics before and during events hosted by the law firm, whether the event is hosted in-person, virtually, or hybrid of both. BD Partner executes the events by managing staff, finances, vendor invitations, and event coverage.

8. Market intelligence on clients and competitors

Analyzing competition points of strengths and development for the entity and competitors. In addition, BD Partner conducts in-depth market analysis before our clients enter new market segments, in order to understand the consumer dynamics and services needed.

9. Lawyers’ business training

Delivering training to lawyers on commercial awareness, and other business-based modules, in order to develop their business and marketing knowledge. In addition, lawyers are trained to build their computer skills.

10. Preparing Presentations and Proposals

Preparing creative tailored presentations and proposals for teams and clients based on available content; Presentations and proposals are created using company branding guidelines to ensure the unification of the brand Identity.

11. Online Branding Review

Consulting law firms on the different online strategies that should be undertaken to build the law firm’s brand. This is executed through carrying out market research to assess different competitors in order to establish a branding plan for the law firm.

12. Digital Presence

Expanding digital presence of Law firms on Social media accounts as well as increasing website presence and SEO. This is executed by managing the content on the law firm’s website and social media profile, leading to building the online presence of our clients.

13. Announcements in Specialized Publications

Sharing major announcements related to the law firm’s business, such as dispute updates and new activities. Announcements are added in different publications (such as magazines, newspapers and online news platforms). This leads to increasing publicity for the law firm and its activity.

14. Managing Newspaper Announcements.

Updating the law firm’s clients with the latest news related to the activity of the law firm to provide legal updates about the law firm and the rest of the legal industry. This is executed through preparing and sending regular announcements to the law firms’ clients.

15. Knowledge - documents management and Automation

Creating a personalized document management and storage and security system to be synchronized with the full team. This will ensure easy access and increase the security and safety of the documents.

16. Coordinating and Liaising with Suppliers and Agencies

Managing relationships with outsources of any renovations and production related to the law firm, along with providing quality control over the products or services offered. This saves the law firm’s time and eases the hassle of being responsible for all the responsibilities related to the coordinating and liaising with the different suppliers and agencies

17. CRM - Client Relation Management

Coordinating law firms’ interactions with their clients and potential clients, in order to increase profits and incorporate data analysis. This leads to maintaining and developing effective relations.

18. Website building and maintenance

Updating the law firm’s website consistently and developing its weaknesses to build client trust. At BD Partner we are able to create Law Firms dedicated websites to include all necessary information needed to maintain and develop efficient traffic growth and strengthen the SEO of the website.

19. Brand designing and profiling.

Building the corporate brand of the law firm by developing the logo, design, and the symbolic elements related to the brand to create a distinctive identity in comparison to the other law firms in the market. Creating a full corporate identity leads to reflecting the law firms’ goals and values.

20. Recruitment.

Providing the best candidates suitable for required positions. By posting different job vacancies available on all social media platforms, collecting data, short-listing and conducting technical and interpersonal interviews to ensure job applicants meet the standards of the firm's criteria.

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